Biblical Eldership

Christian ministry today carries with it one of the highest causality rates of any profession in society. Scores of pastors throw in the towel every month due to overwork, under pay, and being inadequately equipped to navigate the contemporary world of parish ministry.

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Let's See What Sticks

Let’s See What Sticks is an “in season” message for the Body of Christ. One of the book’s themes is that the church in America has failed to be “salt and light” and is mostly standing on the sidelines, effectively disengaged.

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Ice on Fire

Ice on Fire is a book that delineates the transition from cold, nominal, traditional Christianity to a church context that is vital, alive, vision driven and resplendent with opportunities for mission and ministry in the 21st century.

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Biblical Eldership

Let’s See What Sticks

Ice on Fire


Two years ago, I assembled a group of men under the inspiration and direction of Scott Kelso called “elders.” Every week we meet and seek God together for direction, encouragement, and spiritual oversight. This group of men has become an invaluable part of the ministry that takes place at EUM Church.  I treasure the time I spend with them and cannot imagine doing ministry without their support and encouragement.  I believe that assembling this team was one of the best decisions I made in my tenure as Lead Pastor of EUM Church.

Rev Dr Jeff Harper

Lead Pastor, EUM Church, Greenville, OH

“Ice on Fire should not only be read by every Methodist; it should be read by all people who are hungry for more of God and how they could experience a visitation from God. This book will encourage the faith of all who read it. I heartily recommend the book, I recommend its author. Scott Kelso lives what he has written. He is a wonderful, well-trained-pastor with a heart for the Peace of Jesus, the Power of the Spirit, and the Presence of the Father’s embrace. Fire could be used by the Holy Spirit to warm the hearts of those who read it.”

Randy Clark

President, Global Awakening

Scott Kelso is one of the outstanding Spirit-filled Methodist pastors in the nation.  Out of his decades of pastoral experience he has given us Let’s See What Sticks: Kingdom Living in Chaotic Times, a rich source on the blessings of the miraculous in daily life.  It is well worth reading.

Vinson Synan

Dean Emeritus, Regent University School of Theology

Scott is a visionary leader with a passion for Christ and a heart of integrity who has much insight and wisdom to offer to the body of Christ. Ice on Fire is filled with the insights and stories that could be the catalyst for a fresh move of the Spirit in the churches of those who read it!

Gary L. Moore

Former Executive Director, Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

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